Three Wrens Rhubarb Gin  (70cl) 40%ABV

Three Wrens Rhubarb Gin (70cl) 40%ABV

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Location: Cheshire

Serve: 50ml Rhubarb gin, 200ml classic tonic, plenty of ice, fresh raspberries and ginger.

Three Wrens rhubarb edition is distilled with juniper, angelica, Cheshire rhubarb, cassia, cinnamon, sweet orange peel and fresh ginger.  Made in small batches of less than 100 bottles – each batch uses over 5kg of fresh rhubarb and marinades the mixture for at least a week prior to distillation.

No bitter aftertaste with this gin. Smooth and warming – a treat on the palate.

Distilling is all about preparation, this is where most of the time is spent.   For the rhubarb gin, they slow-cook local Marbury rhubarb with fresh vanilla pods before macerating for 24 hours. All this happens before they even fire up the still.

At the heart of the process is Valerie, the hand-made copper pot still which ensures the gins are smooth and consistent with every batch of around 100 bottles.  Botanicals are macerated in wheat spirit before they start the distillation process. Distillation time is 4-12 hours depending on which gin is being made and the gins are brought down to ABV with local Peckforton spring water before being hand bottled and labelled on site.