Three Wrens Raspberry Edition  (70cl) 42%ABV

Three Wrens Raspberry Edition (70cl) 42%ABV

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Location: Cheshire

Serve: Lovely with tonic, plenty of ice and a basil leaf to garnish.

This gin took 9 months of trials for the master distiller to complete and is designed to stand out and offer something completely different to other raspberry gins, which tend to be on the light side. It’s made using only fresh ingredients, NO artificial colours, essences or additives.

The distiller, Nick, had the idea when he was served a raspberry dessert in an Italian restaurant with tiny dots of balsamic vinegar. The balsamic elevated the flavour of the raspberry quite incredibly! If you have never tried this, dip a raspberry in balsamic, taste it and you will know what they mean. 

They didn’t want to put vinegar in the gin so decided to rest the gin briefly in barrels that have been used to age Modena balsamic vinegar. You don’t taste balsamic in the gin, it’s not a balsamic gin, only its presence will be subtly felt — in a really good way.

Fresh basil and pepper work wonderfully well with raspberries so they decided to use these too, along with Tuscan Juniper berries, in order to create a truly unique gin with delicious savoury notes, that works well in a cocktail or in a long drink mixed with aromatic or classic tonic water.

At the heart of the process is Valerie, the hand-made copper pot still which ensures the gins are smooth and consistent with every batch of around 100 bottles.  Botanicals are macerated in wheat spirit before they start the distillation process. Distillation time is 4-12 hours depending on which gin is being made and the gins are brought down to ABV with local Peckforton spring water before being hand bottled and labelled on site.