North42 Rhubarb and Blood Orange (70cl) 42%ABV

North42 Rhubarb and Blood Orange (70cl) 42%ABV

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Location:  Leicestershire

Serve:  Fantastic on its own, or served with tonic water or ginger ale and garnished with dehydrated orange

North42 is a beautiful new gin, skilfully crafted by the award-winning North Restaurant, acclaimed for their exquisite dining experiences. With a passion for sourcing fresh, natural ingredients, Joanna and Sally crafted North42 Gin by pairing crisp rhubarb and sweet blood orange along with beautifully balanced botanicals, creating a fruity, flavourful gin with a deliciously long blood orange finish.

Until recently this Gin was exclusive to Selfridges however is now available from a limited number of outlets including Juniper and Peat.