Gift Quarterly Gin Subscription (10% Discount)
Gift Quarterly Gin Subscription (10% Discount)

Gift Quarterly Gin Subscription (10% Discount)

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The World’s Greatest Gins From The World’s Best Distilleries,

Straight To Your Door 

That’s quite the bold statement, we know. But it also happens to be true.

For over 15 years our experts have been searching the world, sifting through the good, the bad and the paint stripper, choosing only the very best for their customers. 

Now we can bring their dedication, expertise and skill direct to your door.  Delivering to you the most mouth-watering small-batch, craft gins that will literally change the way you see gin forever! 

Gins SOOOO rare they simply aren’t available in the supermarkets or often in any shops further than 10 miles from where they are lovingly crafted.  

We’ve charmed our way into the backrooms of distilleries – talking to (and sharing a drink with) small distillers, for who making gin is still an art form first, a passion second, and business third.  (Yes, it’s a hard life)

And when we hear our customers are enjoying the gins?  Well, we get a tremendous kick out of that.  

But buying bottles of gin is expensive, and what happens if you don’t like the gin?  You’ve wasted all that hard-earned money on a whole bottle you don’t even like. 

Our tasting boxes bring you four gins every month, for less than the price of a single bottle of gin.  Choose whether you want 8 measures or 16 and we’ll send you your first box within 7 days (no one should wait for a good Gin) 

Feeling adventurous?

We’ll even introduce you to cocktails and show you how to make them.  

Every month our mixologist takes the gins and creates three unique, tailored cocktails that work perfectly with the flavour nuances from each gin. 

One simple, one a bit challenging and one that, well, let's just say we’ve given him his head on that one.  

We’ve included tasting notes that make the subtle flavours come to life so you can impress your friends with your incredible palette.

So, what do you need to do? 

You're giving the gift of a quarterly box - they will receive this beautifully curated gin box every 3 months for a year - a total of 4 boxes.

  • Tell us the name and email of the person you want to send the gift to (you enter their address into the "Shipping Details" on the next screen where you'll also enter your email in "Customer email" so we can contact you)
  • Let us know any message you would like us to include in the box
    • If you are giving this as a business present we are very happy to include your company's logo - just tell us you want to do that in the message section and then email us at
  • Let us know when you would like the first box to arrive (please give us 5 days to organise it).  If you leave this blank we will send at the end of the month

Choose which box you want to send them:

  • Sharing Box: 4x100ml bottles of fantastic gin.  That’s 16 G&Ts or cocktails.   

This is the box for friends or get-togethers, giving you enough to share, mix up those wonderful cocktails or just for that extra G&T (or three)

  • Tasting Box: 4x50ml bottles of fantastic gin.  That’s 8 G&Ts or cocktails. 

The perfect box for trying new gins and finding your new favourites.  Just the right amount to mix a cocktail and a still have enough for a G&T.

There are no hidden charges or additional costs.  Delivery to UK addresses is free and yes, that includes the Highlands and Islands and the Channel Isles.

Come with Juniper & Peat, dive in with reckless abandon, and join us on an adventure sampling fantastic gin from around the world in the comfort of your own home.