Bashall Parkin Cake Gin (70cl) 40%ABV

Bashall Parkin Cake Gin (70cl) 40%ABV

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If you've been near Yorkshire, you really should be rather familiar with parkin cake, made with black treacle, oatmeal and ginger. Because it's good stuff. Helpfully the folks over at Bashall Spirits have introduced the spicy treat to a particularly popular juniper-based beverage, creating Parkin Cake Gin! As you'd expect, there's heaps of rich treacle and spices to boot to be found in the spirit

What the Distillers say:

Bringing to life flavours from the past through long-cherished family recipe books from our home in the idyllic village of Bashall Eaves in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland.

Our parkin recipe dates back to the Victorian era, a time when every northern family would have had their own take on this traditional treat.

Capturing the comforting aromas and flavours of treacle and ginger spice, our Parkin Cake Gin is an enticing and distinctively warming spirit

Tasting Notes:

A big kick of ginger heat kicks things off, with rich treacle notes alongside toasted cereal notes.