Bashall Orange & Quince (70cl) 40%ABV

Bashall Orange & Quince (70cl) 40%ABV

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The family behind Bashall Spirits took a flick through their old family recipe books and found a collection of marmalade (or, as it was written then, "marmalet") recipes from the 1750s. It was these conserves that inspired this Orange & Quince Gin, which infuses the London Dry Gin with oranges and golden quince for a tart, fruity serve.

What the Distillers say:

Bringing to life flavours from the past through long-cherished family recipe books from our home in the idyllic village of Bashall Eaves in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland.

Our Orange & Quince Gin has been inspired by a collection of beautifully handwritten marmalade or ‘marmalet’ recipes from the 1750s.

These zesty flavours are perfectly captured in a gin that is bursting with aromas of citrus, and balances orange, jammy quince fruit and classic juniper.

Tasting Notes:

Juicy orange and oily orange peel alongside piney juniper, with tart, jammy quince undertones.