Three Wrens Apple Crumble  (70cl) 40%ABV

Three Wrens Apple Crumble (70cl) 40%ABV

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Location: Cheshire

Serve: Lovely with elderflower tonic and a slice of fresh apple.

The apple crumble gin is a world first, and the one that took the longest to develop. Complex on both the nose and the pallet, the juniper shines through and is complimented by fresh apple, spices, Demerara and toasted oats. 

Launched in August 2019 this Gin was awarded a Gold Medal at the World Gin Awards in January 2020.  A superbly crafted expression which has not lost the essential gin DNA.  Drink it anywhere.

Fir, Magnolia, Apple mint, Lemon balm and Angelica, are 5 of the botanicals in the original dry gin.   They are fully self-sufficient for them as they grow in the forest around and in pots outside the distillery.  They strongly believe that distilling is all about preparation and this is where most of our time is spent. For the apple crumble gin, they toast oats which are then soaked in the spirit for up to 48 hours before distillation. 

At the heart of the process is Valerie, the hand-made copper pot still which ensures the gins are smooth and consistent with every batch of around 100 bottles.  Botanicals are macerated in wheat spirit before they start the distillation process. Distillation time is 4-12 hours depending on which gin is being made and the gins are brought down to ABV with local Peckforton spring water before being hand bottled and labelled on site.