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How to make The Flapper Cocktail

A simply great cocktail - The Flapper⁠

There are any number of different cocktails which are inspired by the Flappers of the 1920's Jaz era, particularly in New York where Lois Long was the quintessential flapper.  Having worked for Vogue and Vanity Fair she was hired by The New Yorker to write a column on New York nightlife under the pseudonym “Lipstick”.  Tall and lean with stylish bobbed hair, she drank, she smoked, she stayed out all night, and then wrote about it all in her column in the New Yorker, which ran from 1925 to 1930.

This is Blackwoods Gin take on the cocktail, and very nice it is too. ⁠ Blackwoods vintage gins are a bit of an anomaly in the gin market. While everyone else is producing gin at around the £35 mark, Blackwoods have quietly produced excellent gin since 2005 to huge acclaim, and consistently kept the price sub-£30. They've been so successful in fact that they no longer distil in Shetland as they couldn't meet demand. The botanicals are still hand picked mainly from Shetland.

For each 'vintage' the botanicals are harvested by hand - changing slightly with each harvest due to the quality and quantity available. They allow the flavour to vary slightly, so specify the year (vintage) on the bottle in which the Shetland botanicals were gathered . On the nose you get citrus and spice which carries across to the taste along with a hint of sweetness and coriander. Serve with good tonic and lime or orange peel. 

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🍸 50ml Blackwoods Overproof gin⁠
🍸 25ml Lemon Juice⁠
🍸 1 Small Egg White⁠
🍸 1 Teaspoon of Honey⁠
🍸 1 Fig⁠
🍸 Sprig of Rosemary⁠

🍸 Using a cocktail shaker, muddle a fresh fig with honey⁠
🍸 Add all other ingredients and then shake hard⁠

🍸 Strain cocktail into glass⁠
🍸 Garnish with a slice of fig and a sprig of fresh rosemary


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