How to make a Sapphire Martini

Sapphire martini from our Gin Subscription UK

How to make a Sapphire Martini

Seriously beautiful and very delicious 🍸🍸🍸

It's a really beautiful cocktail to look at and the orange flavours make a nice change from a classic martini. Probably our second favourite martini (after the Espresso Martini).

It's got everything you need in a great cocktail - easy to make, looks stunning and tastes divine. Swapping the orange peel for a single maraschino cherry also adds to the visual appeal adding a dash of red to the bottom of the glass.

It's traditionally made with Bombay Sapphire, but we really like using Boadicea gin from Wild Knight Distillery (their bottle is beautiful).  Named after the queen of the Iceni Boadicea, pronounced "Boo-di-ca", who led a doomed uprising against the Roman army this is a lovely gin made in Norfolk from local barley, juniper, citrus and nettles.

Produced by husband and wife team Matt and Steph Brown, who also make a couple of vodkas and two other Boadicea gins, this is made in a beaten copper still producing 300 litres.  The blue colour harks back to the Iceni warriors who painted their bodies with woad when they went into battle. 

A smooth, citrus London dry which works well neat over ice. You get lemon and grapefruit well supported with a soft vanilla and the lovely juniper. Serve neat over ice or with a simple tonic and a slice of orange

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🍸 50ml Boadicea gin
🍸 2 dashes dry vermouth
🍸 2 dashes blue curaçao
🍸 Orange peel to garnish



🍸 Put the gin in the freezer about an hour before making (it won't freeze)
🍸 Chill a cocktail glass
🍸 Add a couple of dashes each of dry vermouth and blue curaçao to the glass
🍸 Pour in the gin
🍸 Garnish with the orange twist



🍸 The main variation is to omit the dry vermouth. This makes the drink much more light and citrus
🍸 Other than that, switch out the orange peel for lemon peel or a single maraschino cherry

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