How to make an Orange Blossom Cocktail

Orange Blossom Cocktail

How to make an Orange Blossom Cocktail

This is another of those classic cocktails that has come out of the prohibition era and which was basically designed to mask the taste of bathtub gin and other illegally made spirits.  People mixed juices, fortified wines, sugar or pretty much whatever they could lay their hands on, in this case orange juice and sweet vermouth, in an attempt to make the gin drinkable.

The recipe originally appeared in the 1935 “The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book” by Albert Stevens Crockett. Allegedly created by a young bartender dreaming of spring, it's more likely it was created for a bridegroom wanting something a bit different for his stag night.  

Classically the cocktail was made with Old Tom gin but it works well with more modern London Dry gins.  Most importantly though, make sure you use the freshest orange juice you can - it makes a huge difference!

Orange Blossom No.1 has Sweet Vermouth in it, but we have to admit to preferring it without the vermouth and instead topping up with Prosecco!

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Orange Blossom No. 1
🍸 20ml Gin
🍸 20ml sweet vermouth
🍸 20ml fresh orange juice

Orange Blossom No. 2
🍸 20ml Gin
🍸 20ml fresh orange juice
🍸 Prosecco


🍸 Add the gin, sweet vermouth and orange juice to a cocktail shaker with ice
🍸 Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass
🍸 Top up with Prosecco (if No.2)
🍸 Garnish with orange rind

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