How to make a Zapotec Zombie cocktail

Zapotec Zombie cocktail

How to make a Zapotec Zombie cocktail

From our resident mixologist, Jack at Scottish Mixology included in our Monthly Gin Club.  The star is the potent @inshriach navy strength gin and he's opted for a zombie template but it requires: unusual ingredients, a smoking gun, fat washing and a high alcohol tolerance. If you've had a tough week this will certainly take the edge off. Citrusy, smoky, sour, umami, you name it, pretty much every flavour profile is covered in this one so if you're up for it, raid your fridge and follow the recipe below!

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🍸 40ml Chorizo washed @Inshriach Navy Strength gin
🍸 20ml @vindependents Eclectic Gin Society gin
🍸 15ml @Holyrooddistillery Blood Orange & Fennel liqueur
🍸 20ml @vetustomezcal Tobala Mezcal
🍸 1/2 tsp balsamic vinegar
🍸 1 cherry tomato
🍸 1/4 red pepper
🍸 10ml lime juice
🍸 4 rocket leaves
🍸 15ml Rad El Hanout syrup* [Homemade]
🍸 20ml pineapple juice
*Cherrywood smoked bursa figs, Ras El Hanout, medjool dates


🍸 Chop up an inch of chorizo into small chunks and combine with 40ml of Inschriach gin. Leave overnight and strain before use.
🍸 Muddle pepper, tomatoes and rocket in shaker and add rest of ingredients.
🍸 Shake with ice and strain into highball glass filled with crushed ice
🍸 Top with more crushed ice and garnish with more rocket and pepper

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