How to make a Strawberries and Irish Cream Cocktail

Strawberries and Irish Cream

How to make a Strawberries and Irish Cream Cocktail

From our resident mixologist, Jack at Scottish Mixology included in our Monthly Gin Club, inspired by Wimbledon's strawberries and cream. It does take a bit of planning but the results are totally worth the effort, this is a stunningly good cocktail.

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🍸 50ML Bashall Damson and Elderberry Gin
🍸 20 strawberry, cherry & voatsiperifery syrup*
🍸 20 Cotswolds amaro
🍸 20 stuice**
🍸 20 Irish cream liqueur (clarified)
🍸 Washed in cacao butter bottle***


🍸 Add all ingredients to a sealable jar and shake.
🍸 Leave a few nights, prime a coffee filter with hot water, discard water and pass jar contents through filter.
🍸 Transfer filtrate to cocoa butter bottle and place in fridge for 1 week.
🍸 Enjoy when ready

*cover 100g cherries and 200g strawberries in sugar and grill. Toast some peppercorns in a pan and add all to a pot. Add 400g caster sugar, 200ml water and simmer for 20 minutes. Infuse overnight and strain out next morning.

** Combine the husks of 8 lemons & 8 limes, a stick of rhubarb, 40g citric acid, 400ml hibiscus and butterfly pea flower tea and 20g sugar and simmer for 30minutes. Strain out and bottle.

*** Melt down 100g cocoa butter until liquid. Pour into an empty and clean bottle. Seal bottle and spin it until butter has cooled and coated the inside of it.

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