How to make a Salty Dog cocktail

Salty Dog cocktail

How to make a Salty Dog cocktail

The Salty Dog started life in the 1930s as the "Greyhound" - a simple cocktail of gin and grapefruit juice that is recorded in Harry Craddock’s “Savoy Cocktail Book”.  In the 1950s the Greyhound found itself with a salt rim to help reign back the tart and bitter nature of the grapefruit juice and bring all the flavours together (similar to what happens in a Margarita).  It's creation is often credited to George Jessel, an American actor, singer, songwriter and comedian. In later years, sugar was also added to the cocktail to help alleviate the tartness.

This is a great, simple cocktail which is easy to make, delicious to drink and looks the part too. The key is to use really good gin, there's nowhere for it to hide in this drink!

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🍸 50 ml Boe Gin
🍸 100 ml Pink Grapefruit
🍸 15 ml Sugar Syrup* (optional)
🍸 Top with Soda Water


🍸 Rim the glass with salt.
🍸 Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice.
🍸 Lightly stir and serve.
🍸 Garnish with a thin wedge of pink grapefruit

*Sugar syrup is really easy to make - simply add 300g of sugar to a saucepan and dissolve in 150ml of water. Store in the fridge for up to 1 month.

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