How to make a Pornstar Martini

Pornstar Martini

How to make a Pornstar Martini

Created by Douglas Ankrah in the early 2000s it was inspired by what he imagined a pornstar would order and has since gone on to become a modern classic and one of the most popular cocktails ever. The Prosecco/Champagne should be in a separate shot glass and, in theory, the recipient alternates sips between the cocktail and the sparkling wine - though many just pour it into the cocktail.   

Our resident mixology genius Jack at Scottish Mixology has produced a fantastic variation on this - the Popcornstar Martini

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🍸 50ml gin 
🍸 15ml passion fruit liqueur
🍸 60ml Passion fruit purée
🍸 Couple of teaspoons of Vanilla sugar*
🍸 100ml Prosecco
🍸 garnish with half a passion fruit


🍸 Adding the Gin, passion fruit liqueur and Passion fruit purée into a cocktail shaker with cubed ice and shake well, until the mix starts to foam.

🍸 Strain the mixture into a Martini glass

🍸 Garnish with half a passion fruit

🍸 Put the Prosecco/Champagne in a glass beside the cocktail

* to make vanilla syrup, combine 50g of sugar with the seeds of a vanilla pod, ideally using a mortar & pestle. It can be used immediately but the vanilla flavour will get stronger the longer it is left.  Store in an airtight container.

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