How to make a Pear & Mint Martini

Pear & Mint Martini

How to make a Pear & Mint Martini

From our resident mixologist, Jack at Scottish Mixology included in our Monthly Gin Club, a simple martini but with a bit of an alpine twist, using Crossbill Highland gin. As the craft distilling scene is so large these days, more and more wonderful botanicals and found and added to gin to try and get an elbow in. Crossbill on the other hand went in the opposite direction and focused on two botanicals only - Scottish juniper and Scottish rosehip and despite the very simple botanicals list, it's a very tasty gin.
Inspired by the simple botanicals list, Jack's gone for an equally simple but equally tasty martini riff. Delicious gin, unique vermouth and a bit of mint for freshness. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

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🍸 50ml Crossbill gin

🍸 15ml Williams Pear Dry Vermouth

🍸 4 mint leaves



🍸 Clap the mint between your hands and add to a mixing glass

🍸 Add the other ingredients and fill with ice

🍸 Stir for 30 seconds

🍸 Strain into chilled coupe

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