How to make a Northwest Apple cocktail

Northwest Apple

How to make a Northwest Apple

The Northwest passage is the Arctic route that links the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans around the top of Canada. Over the centuries European explorers tried to find a direct route to China, but it wasn't until 1906 that Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen finally navigated from Greenland to Alaska.

Now, 15 people are intending to row (yes row!) the route setting out in August 2021 and taking two months. Created by a team of rowers to help fund the first human-powered navigation of the Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (the Last Great First) and to raise awareness of climate change and ocean conservation through a partnership with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

To help raise money, The Orkney Distillery has launched this gin with all profits going towards the expedition. The links are strong, 80% of the original explorers and members of Hudson Bay Company were from Orkney. To further reinforce the link, the gin uses botanicals found both on the shores of Canada’s Hudson Bay and Orkney, including sugar kelp, which gives a faint saltiness.

The gin balances juniper and citrus with soft anise and a soft maritime saltiness. Serve with a good tonic and either orange or lemon peel.

For that extra warmth, gently heat the apple juice (don't let it boil) and then make the cocktail.

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🍸 50ml Northwest Passage Expedition Gin
🍸 12.5ml lemon juice
🍸 75ml to 100ml cloudy apple juice
🍸 Soda water


🍸 Fill a highball glass with ice
🍸 Into a cocktail shaker pour the gin, lemon juice and apple juice, and shake vigorously
🍸 Pour into the glass and top with soda
🍸 Garnish with Thai basil or Mint

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