How to make a Holyrood Spritz cocktail

Holyrood Spritz cocktail

How to make a Holyrood Spritz cocktail

From our resident mixologist, Jack at Scottish Mixology included in our Monthly Gin Club, is this easy number. Using Holyrood Distillery's delicious blood orange and fennel gin liqueur as a base, he's added the lightly bitter @capmattei Cap Corse Blanc for balance, @thedispensarybar grapefruit bitters for extra zing and topped it up with some dry tonic to round it off into a refreshing spritz.
Not only is the liqueur a fantastic colour, it's packed full of that brilliant blood orange flavour with a hint of anise from the fennel. 

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🍸 30ml Holyrood Distillery Blood Orange & Fennel Gin Liqueur
🍸 20ml Capmattei Cap Blanc
🍸 Squeeze of tangerine
🍸 Grapefruit bitters
🍸 Top up with tonic

🍸 Add all except tonic to goblet or tumbler
🍸 Fill with ice and stir
🍸 Add tonic and add straw
🍸 Enjoy

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