How to make a Gin Daquiri

Gin Daquiri

How to make a Gin Daquiri

Unlike many cocktails where the creation is shrouded in myth, the origins of the Daiquiri are well documented. It was created by an American engineer, Jennings Stockton Cox, who led an exploratory mining expedition in Cuba in 1900. Living in the town of Daiquiri he ran out of gin one day when entertaining American visitors and, wary of serving them straight rum, added lime and sugar.

It was brought back to America by Rear Admiral Lucius W. Johnson in 1909 when he introduced it to the Army and Navy club in Washington. It then grew to popularity during WWII when whisky and vodka became difficult to get hold of. It is reputed to be one of the favourite drinks of Ernest Hemingway (he also reputedly liked Mojitos) and President John F Kennedy.

Since then it has been widely used and abused with cheap, frozen Daiquiris a feature in most beach-side bars. This though is the original recipe, simple, classy and delicious.

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🍸 50ml gin
🍸 25ml lime juice
🍸 10ml sugar syrup

🍸 Lime Wedges or slices

To make
🍸 Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake
🍸 Strain into a cocktail glass

    There are many variations on the Daiquiri but these are the most straight forward and easy:

    Strawberry Daiquiri

    Add a handful of ripe strawberries to the cocktail shaker and gently muddle (crush) them. Then follow the normal recipe.

    Champagne Daquiri

    For those (obviously very common) occasions when you have left over champagne!  in a pan, measure out your champagne in ml and add the same amount of sugar in grams to it. Bring it to the boil and allow to cool - you now have Champagne syrup.  Replace the normal sugar syrup in the recipe with the champagne syrup. 

    Ginger Daquiri

    Make sugar syrup as normal but grate ginger into it (you need to experiment to see how gingery you want it). Add 40ml of your ginger syrup in place of the normal sugar syrup.

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