How to make a Breakfast Martini

Breakfast Martini

How to make a Breakfast Martini

The Breakfast Martini was invented in 1996 by Salvatore Calabrese who at the time was at the Library Bar in The Lanesborough hotel in Belgravia, London.  It was inspired by his wife Susan insisting he sit down one morning and eat breakfast with her, marmalade on toast. Loving the flavour of the marmalade he took it to work to experiment.

He mixed it with gin, lemon juice and Cointreau, noting “I did try it with simple syrup, but it was too sticky and sweet. The Cointreau, being more punchy, instead added more complexity.”

The drink was an instant hit and was regularly ordered when the bar opened at 11am, living up to its name.  It then rapidly spread to the US as part of the launch of Calabrese’s first book, Classic Cocktails, which was launched at the famous Rainbow Room in Manhattan, though initially to some resistance from Dale DeGroff, America’s most famous bartender at the time. From there it took off and was featured on menus across the world (with DeGroff kicking off a fad for using a piece of toast as the garnish).

It's a real classic, easy to make, great name, great back story and tastes delicious - just remember that you will need to work quite hard to get the marmalade to dissolve.

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🍸 50ml Gin
🍸 15ml Cointreau
🍸 15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
🍸 1 teaspoon of Fine Cut Orange Marmalade


🍸 Put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker
🍸 Fill the shaker with ice cubes
🍸 Stir to dissolve the marmalade 
🍸 Strain into a martini glass and serve with a twist of orange peel⠀

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