How to make a Blackberry Tom Collins

Blackberry Tom Collins

How to make a Blackberry Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is a true classic cocktail which first appears in writing in Harry Johnson's 1882 New and Improved Bartender’s Manual or How to Mix Drinks of the Present Style with his recipe used Old Tom gin. The book also had a recipe for a "John Collins" using Dutch Genièvre. However, it may go back even further as gin punches using basically the same recipe were the thing to drink at London clubs like the Garrick in the early 1800s.   

Whatever the truth of the matter, the Tom Collins is a delicious cocktail for a hot day, and adding blackberries to it makes it even better! We really like it with Garden Shed gin as the blackberries work really well to complement its flavours.

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🍸 35ml Garden Shed Gin
🍸 15ml Blackberry gin liqueur
🍸 25ml lemon juice
🍸 12.5ml sugar syrup*



🍸 Put the mint in a cocktail shaker
🍸 Add ice
🍸 Shake
🍸 Strain into a glass filled with ice and top up with sparkling water
🍸 Garnish with blackberries


*For sugar syrup: Mix 1 part hot water and 1 part granulated or caster sugar and stir until dissolved, then allow to cool.

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