G&Tea Cocktail with Ginti Gin

Gin cocktail for our Gin Subscription UK

G&Tea Cocktail with Ginti Gin

From our resident mixologist, Jack at Scottish Mixology included in our Monthly Gin Club.⠀⠀⠀

A highball but with a wee twist on your typical g&t.
Ginti Gin is a Scottish gin distilled using Scottish tea leaves. Grown in Stirling in polytunnels (because you know we don't have the same climate as Sri Lanka or India), it has a clean and crisp taste as the tea leaves and juniper are combined with lemon peel, cubeb pepper, liquorice and angelica root. The tea tannins also lend a bit of bitterness and mouthfeel.
For this simple serve, we've added some blueberry liqueur, a bit of lemon (as per their recommended serve), and topped it up with a bit of green tea mixer but if you don't have that handy, a bit of peppermint tea and soda will add to the lovely freshness of the gin.

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50ml @gintigin Gintì Scottish Tea Gin
🍸  15ml @friehof.mirtillo Blueberry Liqueur
🍸  10ml lemon juice
🍸  50ml @twokeysdrinks Green Tea mixer
🍸  Or 40ml peppermint tea and a splash of soda
🍸  All all but the mixer and soda to a glass
🍸  Fill with ice
🍸  Add mixer and top up with soda
🍸  Drape cherries over the side

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