Classic Martini

Classic Martini from our Monthly Gin Club

How to make a Classic Martini

So, the martini, a true classic, loved and hated in probably equal measures and with numerous variations. One thing is for sure, if you ask five martini drinkers what the exact ingredients of a martini are, you'll get at least seven different answers!  But that's the fun of a martini, it encourages you to keep experimenting with the ratios until you find the perfect combination for yourself.

And if you find the classic Martini a bit too tart for your taste buds, there's any number of cracking variations like the Sapphire Martini the Popcornstar Martini

Just remember to ignore the advice of a certain Mr.Bond (007) and stir (don't shake).

We love to make Martinis with the very excellent Thompson brothers Organic Highland Gin.  The Thompson brothers, Philip and Simon, run the world famous Dornoch Hotel Whisky bar and decided to branch out, opening a distillery behind the hotel in the old Fire Station. Initially crowd funded for the whisky they trialled versions of the gin in their bar and settled on this final, organic gin at 45.7%.

It is distilled from a blend of 10% Organic Plumage Archer Barley, slowly fermented and gently twice distilled with 90% Grain Neutral Spirit which is
infused with their botanicals. It combines classic botanicals like juniper, angelica root, cardamom, aniseed, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander and black peppercorns, with a few more experimental ones such as meadowsweet, elderflower and freeze-dried raspberries. 

Soft citrus and earthy herbs arrive first, carried on a creamy spirit. Soon enough, a vibrant kick of raspberry develops, joined by anise and peppery spice bolstering the juniper elements. It deliciously unique! Serve with fresh lemon peel and a pinch of cracked black pepper

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🍸 30ml Thompson Brothers Organic Highland gin
🍸 10ml dry Vermouth
🍸 Green olive or a lemon peel to garnish

🍸 Chill the glass, gin and Vermouth well (put the gin in the freezer for an hour)
🍸 Place the gin and vermouth in a cocktail shaker filled with ice
🍸 Stir for about 30 seconds
🍸 Strain into your chilled glass (you want to remove the ice)
🍸 Squeeze the lemon peel over the top

🍸 Dirty Martini - Just add a splash of olive juice.
🍸 Gibson - garnish with a cocktail onion.
🍸 Dry - little to no dry vermouth

🍸 Vodka Martini - what it's called if you use vodka instead of gin
🍸 Vesper Martini - James Bond's favourite, 30ml gin, 10ml vodka 5ml Lillet Blanc - shaken not stirred!

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